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EDP Line_1
EDP Line
New Production Facilities for 2019

New EDP Line-2 has been added to cater the Thick Gauge parts with 12 Step processes of Pre-treatment, E-Coating and Backing Process. This new addition of line will enhance our scope of Production of thick gauge parts for Automotive, Heavy Engineering, and Industrial application. The Unity group can extend the collaboration with our elite customers to provide cost-effective solutions for different gauges of parts.
We are starting this line with the new project of MG-Motors Frame Work assembly and will further expand the uses for other applications also.
To Further Enhance the collaboration with our Customers, in 2019 we have started 2 new projects to support and cost down the production cost for our customers.
1) MG Motor Framework Assembly: With all together, a new assembly line was developed with MG motor team to move the production from China to Thailand with state of art production facility & technology and Quality assurance system. The Facilities includes Robotice Arc Welding, Manual Arc Welding, Assembly Jigs, Hydraulic Press and  Checking Fixtures etc.
MG Motor Frame Work Assembly
2) Auto Alliance Door Assembly: To cater the aftermarket parts for Auto Alliance, Door Assembly line was installed at Unity to support the production and EDP process. The facility includes Hemming line, Spot Welding, Jig assembly and Door sealing process.
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