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 Unity Industrial  
Presswork & Assembly
EDP Coating

 Unity Powertrain
Forging & Machining
Unity Industrial Company Limited (UNI)
Catering the customers for the Direct material, Spare Parts,Tooling for various applications and product segments
Major sectors: Automotive, Air crafts , Home Appliances.
Consist of 2 Main Sections :
Plant-1 : Press-work & Assembly
  1. Stamping : Transfer Lines, Progressive Die line, Tandem  Lines
  2. Assembly : Robotic & Manual Arc Welding, Spot Welding, Hemming
  3. EDP Coating : Pre-treatment, E-Coating with Solvent Free Paint ( ROHS Compliant)
Major Product:
  • Automotive Body Panels.
  • Automotive Under Body Parts.
  • Automotive Frame Work assembly
  • Home Appliance Body Panels

Plant-2 : Tooling
  1. Tooling design and development
  2. Dies manufacturing
  3. Assembly Jigs and checking fixture
  4. Dies and fixtures maintenance
Unity Powertrain Limited (UPT)
Catering the customers for the Direct material, Spare Parts, Customize Engineering Items, Turn-Key Projects for various applications
Major Sectors: Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Home Appliances.
Consist of 2 Main Sections :
Plant-3 : Forging & Machining
Facilities :
  1. Forging : Close Die machine ( Ranging from 1000-4000 Ton)
  2. Machining : CNC Lath ( With auto Load), Vertical Turning centers, Machining center ( with auto Changer), Broaching, Grinding, Special Purpose Machines,
  3. Normalizing: Continuous Line with Furnace temperature from 760-1100 deg C
  4. Shot Blasting
Major Product:
  • Suspension Parts / Power Train Parts / Gear Box Parts / Shafts
  • Flange Brake, Flange Tube,Flange Out Put, Companion Flange, Flange Hub
Plant-4 : Fabrication
Facilities :
  1. Cutting : Laser Fiber Machine,Plasma Cutting Machine, Band Saw
  2. Bending : Mechanical Bending Machine, CNC bending Machines
  3. Welding : 6-Axis Robotic CO2 Arc welding, Manual CO2 Arc Welding, Welding Positioners
Major Product:
  • Earth Movers & Tractors: Body Panels, Fenders, Assembly & Fabricated Parts
  • Special Project : Garbage truck, Sewage Drainage Cleaner, Street Sweeper
Hemaraj Rayong Industrial Estate 118 – 118/1, Moo 3, Bankhai-Nonglalok Road Tambol Nonglalok, Amphur Bankhai Rayong 21120, Thailand
TEL: +66-(0)38-892-400     FAX: +66-(0)38-892-399   Email:
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